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Investment Ideaz is an independent and client-centric private wealth management firm, which gets hired by its private clients to represent their interests. Therefore, all our practice modules have been structured keeping only the interest of our private clients in mind.

While laying the foundations of our practice, we decided to build a focused practice around specific client segments through qualified introductions only. The idea was not just to chase any high net worth individual but own serious clients. Nevertheless, we present a bird’s eye view of our Client profile and the distribution of Konfyans Private Wealth’s practice across various client segments.

Family Office
Dedicated to providing more than Wealth Management Services, a Family Office aims to preserve and enhance the wealth of the clients for future generations. This is done through a combination of scientifically proven mathematical models providing for personal aspirations, a systematic transfer of wealth for the future generations, which our Private Clients use to consolidate the family’s private wealth under a professional umbrella.

Estate Planning
An important aspect of ‘Family Office’ is efficient transfer of wealth to successive generations. All ill-planned succession risks negative financial consequences for the family fortune and leads to conflict amongst family members. We have a specialized and dedicated in-house team to help our clients tailor a structure to articulate and implement their vision for succession and continuity of the family wealth during their lifetime. Our in-depth experience in continuity of family wealth helps us to visualize the specific needs of each client family. Some of the ingredients of this process are Estate Plan Advisory, Preparation of Wills, Trust Formation, Trust Management, Investment Ideaz as executorsand Complex structures like holding companies.

Private Wealth Management
A process based approach for accumulating, protecting and growing our Private Clients’ wealth. Some of the ingredients of this process are Financial Diagnostic (define aspirational needs, determine risk appetite and strategic asset allocation); Risk Management; Wealth Protection; Wealth Management Advisory Services; and Transaction Advisory for investment in mutual funds, insurance both life and non-life, stocks, bonds, fixed deposits, private placements etc.

Real Estate Advisory
A family’s wealth usually has a significant portion allocation to Real Estate assets making it an integral component to be considered in order to be able to provide comprehensive wealth management services.

Investment Ideaz uses a combination of in-depth market knowledge, industry expertise and experience to provide exclusive real estate investment and advisory services to our clients.

Financial Planning
Investment Ideaz offers unbiased advisory services like comprehensive financial planning, financial planning roadmap, retirement planning, tax planning, child’s future planning, insurance planning, stock advisory and mutual fund advisory services.

We understand the extraordinary opportunities and challenges that define your life, and we apply our wealth of expertise to help you successfully manage these complex issues. Led by your advisor, our specialists’ works on your overall financial picture to design a strategy that aligns with your values, addresses your evolving needs, and builds the legacy you want to establish for future generations.

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